Welcome to the Banbu points program!

Do you dare to get our rewards?

There are many of you who have been with us for a long time and we have come up with a new way to compensate you.

After some preparation time, here is the new Banbu points program!

The points program consists of rewarding your support and everything you contribute to us on the website.

You will get the points by doing any of these things:

  • ✅ Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • ✅ Place an order, whatever the amount.
  • ✅ Write a review.
  • ✅ May it be your birthday.

By doing so we will send you a notification of the points you have earned at that moment.

What can you do with your points?

Your points accumulate in your account, just like money in the bank. Once you have enough you can redeem them for discounts.

We have three possible discounts at the moment,

How do I get points?

  • The first way is the easiest. You just have to subscribe to our Newsletter 📩. That's it. That's how simple you get 100 POINTS.
  • 💝 Buy what you like the most . Every time you place an order with us we will give you 10 points for every euro 💸 of the amount. That is, for an order of 20 euros you will have 200 points. Easy right?
  • Share what you think about our products. Every time you write a review 📝 about a product you have purchased you will earn 10 points. You can write as many as you want!
  • 👵 Grow older with us. Celebrate your birthday 🎂 and get your gift from Banbu.