¡Hola! Somos Vero y Rodri

Y no comenzamos en un garaje, pero casi. Nuestro coworking era muy parecido. Tampoco nacimos veganos, minimalistas, ni zero wasters.

Respect means Future.

  • Sustainability & R&D

    Water Free & Naked cosmetics.

  • Natural and Ecological

    COSMOS Organic certified.

  • Cruelty-free and vegan

    We do not use living things.


We had a critical thinking towards the system and its impact on the planet and for this reason, we decided to change.

So, we started to give visibility. We report on the impact of our way of consumption. Impact on our health and that of the planet. Because the health of the planet is a reflection of ours. BUT IT WAS NOT ENOUGH.

We wanted to use all our resources to promote a change in the current cosmetic sector.
This is how BANBU was born, as an alternative. Zero waste cosmetics with 100% certified natural values ​​and ingredients, vegan, toxic free, cruelty free and sustainable. We are the alternative, to consume sustainably and take care of yourself and the planet. We offer low-impact products, but highly effective on your skin.

Queríamos utilizar todos nuestros recursos para promover un cambio en el sector cosmético actual.Así nace BANBU, como alternativa.

Cosmética zero waste con valores e ingredientes 100% naturales certificados, veganos, toxic free, cruelty free y sostenibles.

Somos la alternativa, para consumir de forma sostenible y cuidar de ti y del planeta.

Ofrecemos productos de bajo impacto, pero gran eficacia en tu piel.

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Our products are manufactured in Spain.

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Our products have the COSMOS NATURAL AND ORGANIC certification.

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