We are an ecological and sustainable company

This is what these institutions certify. To show you that our commitment is pure and real.


Cruelty Free and Vegan

Cruelty Free is a seal that guarantees that our products have NOT been tested on animals.

Furthermore, in our case the Vegan certificate is included, since there are no traces of ingredients or materials derived from animals. It is also important to keep this in mind because there are many products that are not tested on animals but that include toxic components and additives that are dangerous for your skin and hair.


Cosmos Organic

The COSMOS ORGANIC certificate is an internationally recognized seal of approval that guarantees the authenticity and quality of cosmetic and organic products. It is issued by the Association of Organic and Natural Cosmetics (COSMOS), a leading organization in the field of organic cosmetics certification.

To obtain the COSMOS ORGANIC certificate, cosmetic products must meet rigorous standards and requirements established by COSMOS. These standards are based on ecological and ethical principles that seek to promote sustainability and transparency in the cosmetics industry.

Key criteria that products must meet to be COSMOS ORGANIC certified include:

  1. Organic Ingredients : Products must contain ingredients of natural and organic origin, and must meet the minimum required percentages of certified organic ingredients.
  2. Sustainable processing and manufacturing : Products must be produced using environmentally friendly processes and sustainable manufacturing practices.
  3. No to animal cruelty : COSMOS ORGANIC certified products must not be tested on animals, nor must they contain ingredients derived from slaughtered animals.
  4. Packaging and labeling : Products must meet specific packaging and labeling guidelines that promote transparency and clear information for consumers.

Once a product meets established standards, it can undergo a thorough evaluation and audit by a COSMOS-accredited certification body. If the product successfully passes these evaluations, it is awarded the COSMOS ORGANIC certificate, which demonstrates its authenticity and quality .

European Union

European Eco Label

This label serves to highlight those products that have a lower impact on the environment than others in the same category. In addition, it certifies that the consumer is being informed faithfully, correctly and comprehensively.

This label is not awarded to any company that markets products with chemicals that are toxic or harmful to the environment.

Made in Spain

"Made in Spain" is a badge that indicates that a product has been designed, manufactured and produced in Spain. This seal represents quality, craftsmanship, innovation and tradition. "Made in Spain" products are internationally recognized for their excellence and authenticity.

Producing in Spain allows us to reduce deadlines regarding the production and sale of our products. This also makes our carbon footprint much smaller than if we imported our cosmetics from abroad. In addition, supporting local trade and the local economy is one of the most important premises of our philosophy of life, being more sustainable and contributing to the economy of the region.

Gluten Free

What does "gluten free" mean in the context of cosmetic products? It means that our products are completely gluten-free and have been created with those who have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease in mind. We know that for these people, avoiding gluten is not only a dietary necessity, but also a concern when it comes to the products they apply to their skin.