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5 Benefits of using Solid Creams on your skin

by Verónica Díez Lantarón on Oct 05, 2023

5 Beneficios de utilizar Cremas Sólidas en tu piel

Have you ever heard of solid creams for your skin care? If the answer is no, you are about to discover a true treasure in the world of cosmetics.

It doesn't matter if you are an expert in skin care, or if it is the first time you are interested in skin care products, it will only mean that you will use a 100% natural, sustainable and easy-to-use product.

1. Sustainability in Action:
Solid creams are a sustainable skincare option . Unlike liquid creams that come in plastic containers, solid creams come in paper, cardboard or metal containers, which significantly reduces the generation of plastic waste. Choosing sustainable beauty products, such as solid creams, contributes to the fight against pollution and care for the environment.

    2. Natural and Pure Ingredients:
    The solid creams are formulated with high quality natural and organic ingredients . These ingredients, such as essential oils, natural butters, and plant extracts, provide real skin benefits without the presence of harmful chemicals. Natural ingredients help nourish the skin, providing hydration and improving long-term health. Additionally, for those with allergies or sensitive skin , the possibility of skin irritation is reduced.

      3. Ease of Use:
      Solid creams are easy to use and apply. You simply have to warm the product a little with your hands so that it melts slightly and then apply it to the skin. This makes it easier to apply evenly and massage into the skin, allowing the active ingredients to be better absorbed.

      4. Suitable for All Skin Types:
      Solid creams are very versatile and adapt to different needs. They are creams that are absorbed quickly , hydrating the skin without leaving greasy residue. There are also special creams for sensitive skin that relieve the discomfort of the most delicate skin. It is important to take your skin type into account when choosing a cream so that it does its job correctly and helps you take care of it.

        5. Stress-Free Travel:
        Solid creams are ideal for traveling . Their solid form factor means you don't have to worry about spills in your luggage, and they comply with liquid restrictions at airport security checkpoints. They are compact and practical to take with you anywhere.

          The benefits of solid skin care creams are not just a fashion trend; They are supported by experts in dermatology and cosmetics. Dr. María López , internationally renowned dermatologist, states that 'solid creams are an excellent option to keep the skin hydrated and healthy, as they allow a controlled release of active ingredients, preventing evaporation and providing visible results.'

          Furthermore, Dr. David Smith , expert in natural ingredients in beauty products, highlights that 'choosing solid creams with natural and organic ingredients is an effective way to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals, which in the long term can have a positive impact on skin health'.

          Some tips for using your Solid Cream

          Store your cream in a cool, dry place , preferably out of direct sunlight or other sources of excessive heat.

          Use the cream with clean, dry hands and skin.

          It is not necessary to apply a large amount of the cream, start with a little and if you find it necessary, use a little more.

          Just as your skin should be dry, avoid direct contact with water after use, as it could begin to dissolve. Let it dry well before storing it to remove excess moisture. For this you can use a soap dish designed to facilitate the drainage of excess water.

          When traveling , use a reusable case or bag to store your solid cream, thus protecting it from exposure to other products.

          It is also recommended that if you notice any type of residue accumulated in the container , you clean it with a clean, dry cloth, this way you will keep the cream in good condition.

          By following these tips you will be able to better maintain the properties of your solid cream and the useful life of the product .

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