Radiant Skin Workshop at BANBU BILBAO Store

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What are you going to discover in the workshop? What includes?

  • The connection between our DIGESTIVE SYSTEM and our skin. You will understand how everything works!

  • Secrets to achieving GLOWING SKIN: key ingredients, basic products and practical tips to apply them in your routine.

  • LIFESTYLE test to know if you really take good care of your skin. Don't worry! There are no wrong answers, only discoveries!

  • PERSONALIZED DIAGNOSIS to understand your skin type in detail. Based on the diagnosis, we will assign you specific Banbu products that perfectly adapt to your needs.

What includes?

  • 1'30-2h presentation with Beatriz, expert in dermocosmetics.
  • Personalized skin diagnosis
  • Complete cleaning and hydration routine in mini sizes with 5 steps.
  • 20% discount to use within 7 days after the workshop is held