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Short hair comb

Short hair has only one enemy: the plastic comb. Short hair deserves good care; plastic combs electrify it and don't let it show its best side. Using a wooden-tooth comb strengthens your scalp, accelerates scalp growth and prevents frizz. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of bamboo respect the hair fibre, preventing it from splitting.


*Not recommended for curly or wavy hair.

Suitable for vegans | Biodegradable | Anti-frizz | Designed for short hair

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    This 100% biodegradable comb is made from eco-friendly and sustainable Moso bamboo plantations, one of the most sustainable plants on the planet due to its fast growth. Its rounded tines prevent your hair fibres from splitting and... Did someone say "frizz"? Bamboo helps prevent frizz and gives your hair strength.


    • Strengthens the scalp.
    • Prevents breakage of the hair fibre
    • Untangles easily.
    • Ideal for detangling hair after showering.

    We love moso bamboo because it has wonderful characteristics that make it strong, flexible and antibacterial. Increasing the durability of your brush.

  • Ingredientsadd

    Made from sustainable bamboo wood.

  • Mode of useadd

    Use this brush after getting out of the shower, its fine bristles are ideal for effectively detangling your hair. For a longer life you should keep it protected as much as possible from sources of humidity.

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