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Pack of 4 solid shower gels

For you solid soaps are not just classics, they are innovative and very sustainable. They've crept into your daily routine and have managed to replace conventional shower gels. Besties wants to sweeten your shower routines with intense aromas and moisturising formulas so you can continue to be very sustainable. Personalise your ideal pack with 4 shower gels to choose from: Freedom, Impulse, Nostalgia, Empathy and Release.

All of them are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, free of sulphates, silicones and parabens. Remember that these shower gels also act as hand soap.

4 x 100 grams | Suitable for pregnant women (release and empathy) | Cruelty free and vegan formula 1 Free of sulphates, silicones and parabens | Suitable for sensitive skin

Gel de ducha : Release
Gel de ducha : Nostalgia
Gel de ducha : Release
Gel de ducha : Nostalgia

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    Whoever said that solid shower gels are boring was very wrong. We propose a different routine, with sparkling and colourful aromas. Its natural active ingredients enrich the formula, purifying, moisturising and caring for your skin without drying it out, we promise you will never again experience the feeling of tightness.

    • Are you a fan of super citrus aromas? Then Impulse is your ideal choice. It combines a moisturising and slightly exfoliating formula thanks to the sweet orange particles.
    • Refreshing fragrances are your thing? Try Freedom, peppermint oil brings a big dose of freshness that relaxes and soothes a heavy feeling.
    • Looking for a body scrub? If you want to achieve a silky skin effect, Release is for you. Its rosehip particles accelerate cell renewal.
    • Do you love floral notes? Empathy combines floral and sweet notes, its fragrance based on neroli water and roses will delight you.
    • Intense and herbal aromas? Rosemary, coriander, mugwort... Nostalgia has it all to make you feel like you're in your favourite forest.


    Want to travel from the shower?

  • Ingredientsadd

    Each shower gel is formulated with unique ingredients, but its formulation, based on vegetable oils, will deeply moisturise your skin. To find out more about the formulation in detail, visit the product sheet for each cosmetic.

  • Mode of useadd

    Using these gels as a body purifier or hand soap is very simple. To begin with, you should know that you should not immerse the bar directly in water, as this reduces its durability.


    • Wet your body with plenty of water and with the help of your hands pick up the amount of product you want to apply. Very little will be more than enough.
    • By massaging the product into your skin with a konjac body sponge, you will purify your skin more intensely.

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