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Pack Besties Solid Shampoo


Pack of 4 solid shampoos

If you had to make a wish it would be: "that your favourites would be inexhaustible". Every time they run out you panic. Now, you can enjoy our solid shampoo in a 4-saving format. Its vegan formula, made with 100% natural active ingredients, gently cleanses your scalp, leaving your hair full of life, hydrated and healthy. Mare and Rivus are enriched with hydrolysed proteins that strengthen the roots and repair damage, preventing hair loss. The best part? You can combine Rivus and Mare as you like or declare yourself a fan of one of them.

4 X 75 grams | 4 solid shampoo bars | Vegan and cruelty free formula | Suitable for sensitive scalp | Free of silicones, parabens and harmful sulphates | Free of silicones, parabens and harmful sulphates

Champu : Rivus
Champu : Rivus
Champu : Rivus
Champu : Rivus

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    Attention: Suitable for demanding manes! Your mane only wants to be fed with the best. Our solid shampoo is that superfood that will care for it in depth, keeping it healthy, shiny and clean for longer.

    This family format pack is completely customisable, you can choose your favourite shampoo bar, are you more Rivus or Mare?

    Rivus: Moisturising solid shampoo, it will fill your hair with shine and nutrients. Its natural ingredients: coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter and hydrolysed vegetable proteins repair the hair, strengthen the roots and attenuate damage from external agents. Its formula keeps the scalp in optimal condition, reducing irritation, itching and dandruff.

    Mare: Sebum-regulating solid shampoo, specially designed for oily-prone hair. Its composition and ingredients of natural origin such as bamboo charcoal, rosemary water and thyme combine their sebum-regulating action to keep the scalp cleaner, free of grease and dandruff. Its ingredients and active ingredients ensure long-lasting cleansing that respects the scalp, purifying it in a balanced way without drying it out and giving it the shine it needs.

    Design your besties pack and enjoy a healthier, fuller coat!

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    Rivus and Mare are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and are full of hydrolysed vegetable proteins that strengthen the hair follicle and repair damage to the hair fibre. Want to review the formulation? Check their INCI in the individual product sheets.

  • Mode of useadd

    We assume that if you're here, you've already used our shampoos more than once and love them, but let's review their application:

    • Before you start, you should wet your scalp with plenty of water, as with conventional shampoo.
    • With wet hands, pick up as much product as you need and apply to the scalp. Massage with circular movements on your scalp and rinse with plenty of water.
    • Once you have finished, place the shampoo bar in the super absorbent natural mineral soap dish. This helps it dry faster and more effectively, and believe me...it will last twice as long!
Pack Besties Fruit
Pack Besties Fruit

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