Medium bristles Toothbrush


Medium bristle toothbrush

Our medium bristle bamboo toothbrushes are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials. They are the perfect alternative to your toothpaste powder. Moso bamboo wood has exceptional qualities such as great flexibility and rapid growth, making it an ideal material for the handle of the toothbrush. The medium nylon 6 dupont bristles remove bacterial plaque more effectively, reaching difficult to reach areas with greater ergonomics. For you who want to take care of your gums on a daily basis!


Suitable for vegans | With nylon 6 dupont | Biodegradable handle | Suitable for sensitive gums | Available in 4 colours


Color : Rosa claro

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    Every 3 months you have to change your toothbrush, the conventional options make you tired, you are looking for alternatives. You want a sustainable, vegan-friendly toothbrush. Here is the ideal alternative!


    • Polished moso bamboo wood handle: Provides greater ergonomics during brushing. Bamboo has antibacterial properties that prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on your toothbrush.

    • Medium stiff nylon bristles (They are made of BPA free nylon 6). They are ideal for daily oral hygiene, you can have the hardness you need to get a deep cleaning. You will remove the remains of dental plaque protecting your gums and enamel. They facilitate access to the most inaccessible areas of the mouth.

    • Small head size, to facilitate oral hygiene in areas that are more difficult to access.
    • It is available in 4 colours: light blue, natural colour, light pink and dark green. You can choose your favourite and agree at home to avoid confusion.

    For a more sustainable routine pair it with our selection of fluoride-free vegan toothpastes!

  • Ingredientsadd

    Moso bamboo wood handle and medium nylon 6 dupont bristles.

  • Mode of useadd

    To use the medium bristle brush correctly:


    • Before use, soak it in water and impregnate it with our toothpaste powder.
    • Make gentle, upward movements from bottom to top.
    • Don't forget the tongue, it is important to put emphasis on it to eliminate bacteria.
    • Flossing time, when you finish brushing, floss your teeth with vegan floss.
    • The brush will last for a maximum of three months; you will need to change it to maintain its effectiveness.

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