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Besties refill pack toothpaste


Packs of 4 refill units toothpaste

Have you found your favourite toothpaste and it's clear to you that packaging matters a lot? Your favourite toothpaste cans can be refilled endlessly. Besties is now available in refill format; a more sustainable and efficient alternative to the conventional format that contains twice as much product. Its packaging is 100% biodegradable and certified as ''Ok compost home'' by Tüv Austria. Are you switching to besties in refill?


4 x 120 ml | With Xylitol | Anticaries | Vegan and cruelty free formula | Suitable for pregnant women ( Spring and summer) | Sustainable packaging

Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter

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    You want more and won't settle for less. Now all the benefits of powdered toothpaste with the added bonus of sustainability and much more durability. If you've decided to switch to the refill format, it's because you know the benefits all too well and you're a fan of Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn.


    How do they work? Its formulation with more than 30% of natural prebiotics acts on teeth and gums:


    • They treat inflammation of the gums and keep them healthy.
    • Eliminate caries-causing bacteria.
    • neutralise plaque build-up.
    • Remineralises tooth enamel.
    • They regulate the oral microbiota.

  • Ingredientsadd

    I'm sure you know their formula all too well! But if you want to review their active ingredients, you can find all the information on their individual product sheets.

  • Mode of useadd

    The refill bottle has 120 ml, so you can refill your can twice. Before refilling you should clean and dry the inside of the previous toothpaste can very well.

    Remember to seal the refill container tightly to prevent spoilage of the contents. To use toothpaste powder correctly:

    • Moisten the toothbrush and pick up the amount of product you are going to use.
    • You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, but two will be more than enough.

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