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Pack besties toothpaste powder


Packs of 4 units of toothpaste

What's better than natural toothpaste - having refills! Yes, besties offers you 4 units of your favourite toothpaste at an irresistibly good price. The toothpaste powder is revolutionarily sustainable, requires no water in its formulation, uses natural active ingredients and effective prebiotics that fight tooth decay and keep the oral microbiota in optimal condition.

When it comes to choosing a flavour there are the innovators and the mint or strawberry fans, which team are you from?

4 x 60 ml | Reusable packaging | Vegan and cruelty free formula | Suitable for pregnant women (Spring and Summer) | No artificial foaming agents

Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter
Refill : Winter

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    One season, one flavour. This is how Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring are represented. Surely you have that basic you can't do without, besties makes it easy, easy. You can create your special pack to have toothpaste for the whole year and forget about asking for it every 3 months, isn't it great?


    The fine powder paste particles work very effectively to protect enamel from erosion, care for gums, prevent plaque build-up and bacterial proliferation, and yes, keep the oral microbiota balanced. Each of them is designed to treat different conditions:

    • Spring: With ginger and lemon, its formula protects, reduces inflammation and moisturises the gums, fights bacterial plaque and prevents caries.
    • Summer: Natural strawberry flavour, its ingredients and natural prebiotics protect your oral mucosa, care for your gums and prevent tooth decay.
    • Autumn: Cinnamon, cardamom and myrrh. Its formula protects against tooth sensitivity and has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent gum disease, treat bleeding and heal canker sores and mouth sores.
    • Winter: With peppermint for an ultra-refreshing sensation. Its formulation regulates oral microbiota, provides good breath, eliminates plaque and prevents tooth decay.
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    Each toothpaste is formulated to provide high protection against tooth decay, but spring and autumn also treat specific conditions. To find out more about the active ingredients, please refer to the product information sheets for each toothpaste.

  • Mode of useadd

    Yes, the toothpaste powder is innovative, very innovative. Its formula however, beyond its sustainable character, is used like conventional toothpaste.

    To use this toothpaste correctly, we recommend following this process:

    • Before brushing your teeth, moisten your toothbrush and shake to remove excess water.
    • Collect the amount of toothpaste to be consumed with the moistened toothbrush.
    • You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like, but a single dose is more than enough, it makes a lot of foam.

    Toothpastes are designed for an approximate usability of 3 months, but it will always depend on their uses.

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