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Pack besties deodorant cream


4 units of deodorant cream

It's clear to us, cream deodorants have become your little addiction and you attach a lot of importance to the texture of the deodorant. You know its benefits all too well, you love its effectiveness, its creaminess and lightness on the skin, it's love at first application! Besties wants to make it easy for you, the spare is more than assured; you can choose from 4 deodorant creams, but the question is: Which one is your favourite: So fresh, So pure, So sweet or So wild?

4 x 60g | Vegan and cruelty free formula | Suitable for all skin types | Aluminium free | Gluten free | Suitable for pregnant women *(So pure)

Desodorante1 : So fresh!
Desodorante2 : So Pure!
Desodorante3 : So Fresh!
Desodorante4 : So Fresh!

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  • Description add

    For you formulation, texture and efficacy are super important. Without them there would be no perfect deodorant. Cream deodorants have a lot of what you like:

    • Nature: Formulated with only 100% ingredients that protect your underarm skin from irritation, condition and soothe.
    • Safe and gentle: no antiperspirant ingredients to clog sweat glands, aluminium-free and alcohol-free deodorants.
    • Effective protection: Its strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties protect the skin from perspiration and odour for more than 24 hours.
    • Charismatic essence: Have you ever heard that fragrances define? Yes, the So range is full of unique natural fragrances.


  • Ingredientsadd

    You know each of the deodorant creams inside out, their active ingredients have convinced you that they are amazing. For a detailed description of the ingredients that make up each deodorant, please visit the product sheet.

    • So pure: clean aroma with notes of ylang ylang
    • So fresh: Citrus notes with lime and ylang ylang
    • So sweet: Sweet notes of benzoin and cinnamon.
    • So wild: Woody essence with cedar, clove and cinnamon.

  • Mode of useadd

    Its application is simple and ultra-comforting. The creamy texture melts and absorbs very quickly into your skin.

    • Pick up a small amount of product, spread it with your hands on the armpit until it is completely absorbed, a little will be enough.
    • You can repeat the process if you wish, but it is not necessary, just a very small amount is enough to achieve high protection.

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